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@brandonandjamal CONFRONTED BY @MarquettDavon about his SELF CASTLE on @FreshFitMiami

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Charlie Page

  • @doublea5417 says:

    Love Tommy

  • @rickyskelton164 says:

    great show

  • @Mr_Win_Speaks says:

    And brandon a hater clearly

  • @Diesel-le5fx says:

    I like both but Tommy is way more sensitive compared to Saint. Saint be dropping some good gems though on so many other things other than this. People really have to check out his stuff. Tommy just swears everyone is copying him and he created everything including earth. 😆

  • @johnconcentrius says:

    bro made a meme song F&F use to troll, and he thinks that makes him special? All his specialness comes from F&F playing his song?

  • @phoenixlightgames4094 says:

    Hello Donovan , I just wanted to say I apologize for missing the live stream, I was busy with work, I’ll try to make the next one, but I appreciate the breakdown, it was very educational, hope you’re having a great week 💯👍🏾👏🏾

  • @blackurustrikes2328 says:

    Brandon has hit on something big. But he seems to be unaware of or disconnected from the broader implications of and connections to the very thing for which he currently enjoys newfound fame.

    There certainly is a connection between the babymomma phenomenon he quite gloriously highlights and what Fresh and Fit regularly expose amongst their young, nubile guests. If anything, Brandon shows a huge consequence of what COMES from the female flvckery F&F features.

    Also, I think his aggressive, possibly even manic personality might be a strength that later becomes his weakness.

    He is obviously talented, assertive and hardworking. But sometime those traits, especially amongst younger, unementored men, can make one miss the subtleties of important, relevant things. It also might make one more abrupt or even confrontational than is helpful for working with others.

    I hope Brandon takes a little time and just listen and observe things without making any initial judgments. That might allow him to better see the manosphere in a proper context and he might find where and how he might provide and derive mutual benefit.

    Despite the F&F flap, Brandon is providing a fresh and delightfully entertaining voice for young men. Its to the benefit of the manosphere for him to be encouraged, supported and guided.

  • @philipsmith2489 says:

    Why is he playing with diapers

  • @5point0david says:

    Guys like Brandon make it damn near impossible to seperate an artist from their art. I like some of his music, but the guy is useless AF. But I have trouble taking any guy who cites sexy red as prominent anything, while also talking about baby mamas.mama’s. Let 15 minutes of fame potentially ruin all the potential he had, by acting like the same baby mamas he ridicule.

  • @TheMrTC3 says:

    Its just a matter of time before Marquette falls out with FnF. He constantly has issues it seems with everyone they are associated with and does alot of reacting to their vids that puts them in a negative light.

    • @freshprinz9829 says:

      Myron don’t care as long he don’t clown him and fresh lol

    • @Jay-yf2in says:

      @@freshprinz9829do you think they don’t coordinate and communicate. Marquett showed text from Myron. the Freshandfit team communicates with him and give evidence.

    • @Jay-yf2in says:

      Also a lot of the content creator he took shots at shot at him first Zherka, MLD, etc

    • @freshprinz9829 says:

      @@Jay-yf2in he literally had MLD looking like a pure beta 😂😂😂

    • @Jay-yf2in says:

      @@freshprinz9829 I agree I stopped liking MLD after he let three Hens on Valuetainment dog walk him

  • @petetonic1301 says:

    Now he mad but he went on fresh and fit talking about sex worker saver smh lol

  • @ronniedwards says:

    He thought this was his coming out Party. He thought Adam 22 and the breakfast club was next. Remix then award shows

  • @dandyjandon4231 says:

    Thought he was trolling but by the end he was saying he dont know what he doing dude ruined his viral movement with these outburst. Women gonna make fun of him for life .

  • @jjr902 says:

    This BOY, not a man, never learned humility and self awareness.

  • @duciemckiver1368 says:

    Bro definitely use zest bar soap on his face 😂

  • @Jimminityjabooboo says:

    Perfect example of ego being out of control. This dude isn’t even playing a “heel” or playing the villain character to increase clout, he is just straight delusional and making a clown out of himself.

  • @LandofLit says:

    I mean…Icy was a sex worker so technically…

    • @DonovanSharpe says:

      Absolutely. And she is self aware enough to understand what her options are.

    • @LandofLit says:

      @@DonovanSharpe Right. I’m just referring to f n f “technically” being sex worker savers lol. I even remember a super chatter went and thanked f n f for saving Icy. But you could also just argue f n f are “equal opportunity employers” so it is what it is 🤷‍♂️ lol.

    • @keithsimon says:

      Is the goal to reform these girls or to brand them and exile them?

      Icy changing her behavior and working a 9 to 5 on fnf rather than debasing herself counts for something.

      Some dudes are deep into redpil rage and it shows.

  • @MACSX7 says:

    If Jamal talking about F&F used his song. He used the Doja Cat beat.

  • @freshprinz9829 says:

    It’s only a matter of time before saint call you out lol you making videos on him you should just have a conversation with him straight up on a live stream to his face about how you feel

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