ORIGINS: Tommy Sotomayor talks about how he started

In a revealing conversation, Donovan Sharpe talked to Tommy Sotomayor about his origin story, shedding light on Sotomayor's upbringing, family dynamics, and key influences that shaped his worldview and career.

### Upbringing:
Tommy Sotomayor, originally named Thomas Jerome Harris, recounted his challenging childhood in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in a difficult environment marked by instability and adversity. These early experiences cultivated a strong sense of resilience and determination within him, which later became defining characteristics of his persona.

### Family Dynamics:
Sotomayor shared insights into his complex family structure, emphasizing the significant impact of being raised primarily by his mother in the absence of his father. This lack of a paternal figure profoundly influenced his views on family dynamics and the role of fatherhood. He described the financial struggles and interpersonal conflicts within his family, which further shaped his perspectives on societal issues and motivated his advocacy for stronger family units.

### Influences:
Discussing his influences, Sotomayor highlighted how his personal experiences and observations played a crucial role in forming his outlook. Growing up in a single-parent household exposed him to the specific challenges faced by many African American families, deepening his understanding of these issues. His exposure to various hardships instilled in him a desire to address and speak out against what he perceives as systemic problems within the community.

Sotomayor also mentioned that his straightforward and often controversial approach to discussing topics such as race, family, and social justice is rooted in his desire to provoke thought and spark meaningful conversations.

### Conclusion:
Through this discussion with Donovan Sharpe, Tommy Sotomayor provided a comprehensive account of the pivotal moments and experiences that have shaped his life and career. Sharpe's interview highlighted Sotomayor's journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a prominent and often polarizing commentator, offering a deeper understanding of the factors that drive his unique perspective on societal issues.

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