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NIKKIE PRYCE Did This Interview Before She Retreated to Paris and Went Viral | Dear Future Wifey 823

Living for God comes at a price. Through our walk with Christ, even our journey to love is costly. Nikkie Pryce, a prophetess, opens up and shares her ups and downs, heartbreaks, and deliverance for drinking like she never has before. What is "The Pryce of Love?" CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST SIGN UP FOR THE […]

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DRE SMITH and BREANNA SMITH Made a Commitment to Wait To Consummate | Dear Future Wifey E822

Accountability takes centerstage in this transformative episode with Dre and Breanna Smith. Married less than 4 years, their road to "I do" was a journey of healing, patience, and restorative love. Watch and see how God brought deliverance to their lives and how they made a promise to "Wait to Consummate." CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST […]

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Join LATERRAS R. WHITFIELD & DAVID BURRUS On The Clarity Retreat in Cancun | Sept. 26-29, 2024

Get clear. Reserve your spot with a small deposit. JOIN ME AT THE CLARITY RETREAT SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST PURCHASE "YOU (Dear Future Wifey)" Theme Song DONATE TO KINGDOM ROYALE: "Where foster kids become royalty." DEAR FUTURE WIFEY MERCH SUBSCRIBE & LEAVE A REVIEW Youtube Channel: Apple Podcast: Google Play: Stitcher: Spotify: FOLLOW […]

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DOUG & ATIYA PARSON Built Their Love On Transparency | Dear Future Wifey E821

The journey to marriage for couples is as uniquely different as two snowflakes. Doug and Atiya Parson met while Doug was living the street life, but her encouragement for him to change motivated him to become the man he is today. They've built their love on transparency and teamwork. Watch this episode to experience their […]

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ERICA MCDOWELL Went Viral! Is She Truly Getting The Soft Life? | Dear Future Wifey E820

How would you feel if your boyfriend told you you no longer had to be miserable at your nine-to-five job and you could quit, find your passion, and he would support you until you did? Well, Erica McDowell, a 25 year old young queen, went viral when she shared on social media her man did […]

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Tom & Lisa Bilyeu | The Secrets to Becoming a BILLION DOLLAR COUPLE | Dear Future Wifey E818

What core values should a couple possess to build from a minimum wage salary to creating a billion dollar company? Be ready to be inspired and learn tools to cultivate a thriving and successful marriage through sheer communication. Tom and Lisa Bilyeu, co-founders of Quest Nutrition, a billion dollar company, transparently share how they’ve overcome […]

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SARAH JAKES ROBERTS Evolved Into A Powerful Woman Through The Power of Love | Dear Future Wifey E817

Think back on who you used to be. How much have you evolved? Did you evolve from an insecure woman into a woman who is self-assured? Brother, did you used to be a womanizer and now you're faithfully married? Sarah Jakes Roberts shares her journey of self-discovery which lead her to the love of her […]

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TASHA COBBS LEONARD | A Miscarriage and Marrying Her Friend Brought Her to Total Surrender | Ep. 816

Are you willing to totally surrender your love life, pregnancy desires, dreams, and desires to the Lord? God has an assignment for you, but He's seeking your "Total Surrender". Tasha Cobbs Leonard, a voice that arrests your spirit and ushers you into the throne room of God, graces the yellow couch. She transparently shares her […]

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Single Life On The Beautiful Island of Bermuda Isn’t Beautiful | Dear Future Wifey On Tour

Who wouldn't want to live on a beautiful island? Though, everyday may feel like you're waking up to paradise, one of the cons is the pickings for a mate is scarce. Today's episode is powerful and encouraging when hearing how these God-fearing singles are navigating the complexities of their love life in Bermuda. GUESTS Ross […]

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The Amazing Race’s Sean & Michelle Clark Navigated the Friend-Zone to Become Married | Ep. 815

Have you ever been friend-zoned? Maybe, you're the one who locked up the friend in the friend-zone? Well, today's episode features two contestants from CBS' The Amazing Race, Sean and Michelle Clark. They are widely known for the double dutch business, Double Dutch Aerobics. Listen to how their relationship journey started from the friend-zone and […]

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