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The SECRET of the NATURALS – How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection By Doing What The NATURALS do.


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Charlie Page

  • @BigPete44 says:

    Happy Sunday from New York Kezia! ♥️🇺🇸

  • @adegbenroagoro5180 says:

    Thank you very much Kezia

  • @shanenolan5625 says:

    Cheers kezia.

  • @VideoGameRoom32 says:

    Great Video. Confident men, players, and pickup artist don’t care if they get rejected. They see there are other women out there. Get over. Accept not every women will find you attractive.

    • @Kezianobledatingexpert says:

      Thank you xx

    • @Ghostrider-ul7xn says:

      I understand and appreciate the overall msg in the video, but there needs to be some nuance that should be discussed. If you’re part of the population where many women already find you attractive, the feelings of rejection would be short term. But if you’re not ( say short, non-white etc), this can cause lot of distress and can make those feelings linger long term. When you go through life with hardly any woman giving compliments or taking interest in you, its hard to be outcome independent

    • @Butlins14 says:

      ​@@Ghostrider-ul7xnyeah if you get a positive feedback loop of being successful asking girls out you aren’t going to be nervous or scared of doing it whereas if it’s always unsuccessful and even if the girls are nice enough when rejecting you it’s going to be a lot harder to do

  • @ajlfc4426 says:

    Cuter every day ❤

  • @IntegraDIY says:

    You can’t fear rejection if you don’t have much confidence. The problem people face is lack of confidence. I’ve seen your older videos on how to increase confidence, would be cool to get some updated information on it

    • @Ghostrider-ul7xn says:

      Huh? That doesn’t even make sense. If you’re outcome independent, which is what confident people are, then you don’t fear rejection. They don’t fear rejection because they know there’s plenty of fish in the sea who’d be into them. This knowledge is what makes them outcome independent and not fear rejection

  • @VideoGameRoom32 says:

    Every man has a different way of approaching what works for him might not work for you. And what works for you might not work for him.

  • @elena_m19 says:

    Kezia ages freakishly well. Kezia what age do men think you are?

  • @jh230377 says:

    I started watching this video feeling like Clark Kent. I’m now feeling like Superman!! ❤️❤️❤️👍

  • @Tonys_Podium says:

    I’m terrible at marketing myself. I tend to keep my light under a bushel.

  • @videowilliams says:

    I think you’re quite the smartest dating and relationship advisor who is female here on YouTube, when it comes to this “crappy snakes & ladders game”. The equally famous Professor Jordan Peterson has pointed out that to have your very genetic material rejected will create the deepest of wounds, but you’ve just given me the tip to tippy-toe out of it.

  • @stephenforeman2989 says:

    Excellent video..and looking good Miss Noble

  • @HarryCarlton says:

    Kezia! 😍

  • @guntertorfs6486 says:

    I genuinely do not fear rejection. It’s more a combination of having an aversion towards the vagueness women usually display + a shame of bothering someone. The times i have seen women react with disdain to a man approaching them is real. Up to a point of pointing him out as a creep. It certainly happens regularly. Although this almost never happens to me personally ( as a quite good looking man – i’m told- and i am very selective about the occasions i will approach ), it irritates me on behalf of my brethren who do experience this treatment. It does.

    • @guntertorfs6486 says:

      @@Ghostrider-ul7xn Indeed. Although Kezia teaches some very valuable skills and is very nuanced about how and when to apply them ( social awareness ) , what we say here is also a sad reality nowadays. Having been raised in a ( good ) female environment , i like women and am socially good with them. Enough of them like me romantically as well. However , that doesn’t prevent me from seeing reality as it is : a lot of females show some very undesirable traits when interacting with males they deem unworthy and/or unattractive. ( even with sweet , sensitive guys )

  • @bravesrule384 says:

    Kezia, off topic of this video….on a post in a group I’m in, on facebook back a couple years ago, the post said…”What trait do women find most unattractive about men?”, and this one woman said…”Baldness”, I replied underneath her and said…”Like me, Lol” and she replies…”You’d look better with a goatee”…Lol, smh. I’ve always felt more confident clean-shaven, anyway.

  • @weskerEverKnight says:


  • @tomaspeixinho4447 says:

    I have a question, when going with the freeze-out method you gave as an example. Let’s say the girl said she only sees me as a friend, or nice guy, or whatever, and I say the things you said. That I agree and that, based on past experiences of sleeping with girls that were buddies, it would change the way I saw her, and I would stop seeing her as a dorky friend, because I would see our relationship as hot or sexy or whatever. After I state this, it wouldn’t make sense to ever hit on her again or make a move, because it would be incongruent with what I just said. So what would be the point? Do I then expect her to make the move? Or is it just one of those “let her go and find someone else” kinda cop-outs?

  • @matthewbotti says:

    Kezia, are you in a successful relationship? If not, why should we trust your advice?

  • @ArneAsada69 says:

    Idiots are full of confidence.
    While nerds are full of self doubt.

  • @horukye says:

    Kezia Noble: improving my game since 2016!

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