TOMMY VS MARQUETTE: The VladTV incident explained

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Charlie Page

  • @HARRIS2820 says:

    Tommy was on Vlad TV. Tariq nasheed bust in mid interview and scared Tommy. The episode never was broadcasted.

  • @______638 says:

    getting animated isn’t an L.

  • @ityou5874 says:

    They did not finish the interview.

  • @Wolverine-fd4qc says:

    Tommy was punched in the face in NY at some event with some Muslim brothers if I remember correctly. I’m sure the video is on YouTube somewhere. A butch of dudes was yelling at him cause they didn’t like his content then somebody punched him in the face. Tommy called the police and got out of there. Situation was crazy.

  • @RocThaDon says:

    We gotta stop this whole “whoever is showing more passion in an argument automatically loses the argument”

  • @ToddToTheBlack says:

    This Marquita dude is clearly trolling, and not even very good at it.

  • @RayHanmaForce says:

    He was on Vlad and he did get punched in the face and cried and called the police

  • @francobrown4409 says:

    The interview with vlad, never came out! Tariq didn’t hit tommy!

  • @stayfly68 says:

    He never got punched in the face on vlad tv. Being loud shouldn’t discount the denial especially if it didn’t happen.

  • @stayfly68 says:

    There is video proof that he didn’t get punched. He was trying to troll…

  • @jjr902 says:

    I respect Tommy WAY MORE than Marquette!

  • @cadmus8028 says:

    Marquette is a snake.

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