Tommy Sotomayor vs. Marquett Burton | Brandon Jamal gets FRANK CASTLED?!

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Charlie Page

  • @truth4099 says:

    Sinful the p roasted both they as

  • @randallw6673 says:

    Saint makes it clear, masculine men dont wait till someone leaves to talk ish behind their back. Tommy is weak for waiting until brandon left to speak up, he talked ish before FnF said anything. This is a simple concept. 2 options either say something man to man or dont say anything at all. How can u defend a man back biting?

    • @explosivediarrhea4671 says:

      Let’s be real 90 percent of men wouldn’t say Anything. Also Tommy had a big fight with a girl that went viral 2 years before he was on fresh om fit he don’t need more attention on him. Also this isn’t Tommy show to speak up about Brandon so I can’t fault him

    • @francobrown4409 says:

      I fw Saint but Tommy was right here 🤷🏽

    • @roemellobell says:

      ​@@francobrown4409he didn’t say anything until Brandon Jamal left its on video

    • @francobrown4409 says:

      @@roemellobell Tommy talked about it on his rumble live! He explained that Brandon was still there, off camera, so he heard him!

    • @roemellobell says:

      @@francobrown4409 I will go back to the video I hope you are right because I no it’s not

  • @TJ-hy7gd says:

    The problem with the saint and the sinner is that he starts conflict when it doesn’t need to be. Did it so many guys which is a shame, as he actually has good insights for men to thrive.

  • @IOSALive says:

    Donovan Sharpe, This made me laugh so much! Thanks for sharing!

  • @Spartan69117 says:

    Can’t even compare Rollo to Saint, Rollo is in a whole different universe in comparison.

  • @steveb3584 says:

    This is the reason I unsubscribed from the Saint and sinner. 1. He feels like a snake in the grass. 2. He is the type who online at least, who feels like a contrarian
    To those in the FNF circle. He did a video on DONOVAN, MLD,AK,TATE
    And it’s all for no reason.

  • @cdog397 says:

    I’ve been watching Tommy before I came to the red pill content. Donavan, you’re correct in that this content is a bubble, and I believe Tommy truly hadn’t heard of him. Marquette is a smart dude but he ran into a heavyweight intellectually. I agree, I think he (Marquette) just doesn’t like Tommy. The Vlad TV comment was really bad because I know for a fact it didn’t happen that way.

  • @diligentsun1154 says:

    Marquette seriously underestimated Tommy.

  • @MMAX-XR- says:

    Donovan asked if we can tell him about his mic issues. It’s not when he’s speaking normally, that’s fine but rather when he is “whooping” randomly. It’s such a high-pitched sound, it’s traumatizing (seriously, it’s that bad!). Donovan says Brandon Jamal can be annoying, but honestly, Donovan’s high-pitched noises are way more annoying than anything Brandon Jamal has ever done. To give you an idea how bad his whooping is, I think Brandon Jamal is super annoying. So when I say Donovan’s whooping is way worse, that should tell you something! If Donovan can just have his mic in-check, his shows would be enjoyable/watchable. I was seriously contemplating not tuning in just because of Donovan’s high pitched noises. The quality of the show would be increased tenfold if he would just stop doing that screaming nonsense. Other than that, this was one of his best shows. Anyone reading this don’t think I’m a hater because I’m not not, I’m a true fan.

  • @emmitttrill4039 says:

    Why does DS put that tint over his video?

  • @diligentsun1154 says:

    Tommy’s opinion about Brandon Jamal was the same as mine.
    Tommy’s timing with regard to saying what he though was entirely appropriate.

    Saint takes the L.

  • @jawoinspinks8229 says:

    Great breakdown, been a sharp fan will stay a sharp fan

  • @oddusee says:

    This was Spence vs Crawford BTW.

  • @isekso9843 says:

    Good breakdown on the Tommy vs Marquete

  • @oddusee says:

    Yall dudes don’t listen. Tommy never got punched on Vlad. He asked if he got punched on Vlad. Tommy said he never got punched on Vlad. Are yall not hearing the question that was asked.

  • @ellisd1517 says:

    After this I lost all respect for Saint.

  • @ELGUAPOMADE says:

    Had to watch everything live. Brandon character of red pill is facts that’s his m.o. saint is saying if that’s how tommy felt say it while he was there is a fair request. Plus men know the unwritten code of conduct we follow, we know that’s a fact .

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