Dating Apps Are Giving Men False Hope | Kezia Noble on GB NEWS

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Charlie Page

  • @Bricklinsv1970 says:

    Most men just gave up on women because women have it too easy.

  • @shanenolan5625 says:

    Its a trap ! ( star wars)

  • @Jacques_the_Rooster says:

    Two quick thoughts :

    1) I wouldn’t demonize video games. Personally finished more than 200 and it’s GREAT hobby & passion, unless it takes too much of your precious time.

    2) I’ve been an avid user of dating apps, had some successes and AMAZING dates, but those days are long gone since those apps become a “validating tools” for women…


    Thank You ❤

  • @AlexanderLodge1 says:

    I feel like Facebook Dating is just wasting my time. I just have to say I’m pro active but it feels like sociaty is very slow to this. I motivate myself that is why I survived Covid19 is to meet the right Woman

  • @BradAaronTaylor says:

    Whenever auntie Kez appears on national TV, you know some truth bombs are about to be dropped.

  • @SuperSaiyan2NahumKai says:

    You most likely won’t respond to this but why put the blame on video games for young men’s downfall? I’m so sick and tired of video games being used as a scapegoat mainly by the media blaming video games for humanity’s shortcomings/faults. It’s not video games fault’ it’s the fault of some individuals who don’t balance their time wisely. There are plenty of men out there who plays video games and turn out fine. It seems that video games can’t catch a break from being the target of being brought up as a negative. How would you feel if some people especially some people with a platform blames something that you love and value?

    • @Kezianobledatingexpert says:

      No I didn’t, I put it more on p0rn and apps actually xx

    • @Darth_Bateman says:

      You dropped a whole essay …. Not because someone blamed you….

      But because somebody blamed your games ….

      Let that sink in.

    • @Darth_Bateman says:

      Sad, dude… just sad…

    • @Ghostrider-ul7xn says:

      She’s a woman, ofcourse she’s going to blame anyone and anything but her group. What folks like her doesn’t seem to understand is that, men usually turn to porn, videogames, alcohol etc as a coping mechanism for the pain they go through in life due to other causes ( usually brought by heartbreaks, and loss of a loved one)

    • @Ghostrider-ul7xn says:

      She’s a woman, ofcourse she’s going to blame anyone and anything except her group.

  • @josephpolicastro3149 says:

    Dating apps give men the opportunity to encounter women from parts of the world they would otherwise never get the chance to meet.

  • @ajlfc4426 says:

    Jesus Christ wow ❤

  • @Darth_Bateman says:

    I love video games.

    I want to make video games.

    I am currently programming a graphic engine.

    A lot of people shouldn’t be playing them.

    Like, people don’t JUST play for fun.

    An overwhelming majority plays because they have nothing else to do, and it’s just habit at this point.

    And they have no friends.

    No social skills.

    No dating prospects or sexual partners.

    And nobody likes them.

    And all they do is play.

    Put the fucking controller down and do something else.

    Remember : life waits for nobody.

  • @saif.restifer.khomain says:

    I know dating app is fake hope. So I tease girls in dating app (TikTok), and so girls blocked me.

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