What is the Most True Italian Stereotype? 🇮🇹

We asked Italians on the streets of Florence to tell us what is the most true stereotype about Italians. These responses are mostly from Southern Italians, so keep that in mind! Are Italians really into gesturing? Do they love food and getting together? Are they bad drivers?

Charlie Page

  • @DonitaEdgcomb says:

    This thread is a reminder of the importance of women’s voices in shaping the narrative.🌺

  • @gozodalleripe208 says:

    Friends driving without helmet and licence? That girl has very strange friend then.

  • @anushakumar2006 says:


  • @choopa1670 says:

    A lot of Italians see themselves as above everyone else tbh and can be racist. For context I was dating an Italian girl for 12 years and my best friend is Italian. But they do have the most beautiful women in the world so it is understandable where they get their confidence from 😅

  • @PerelaSam says:

    We greeks are similar

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