An Open Letter To American Women

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Charlie Page

  • @NYs9thwonder says:

    A Don damage classic!

  • @adrianoadriano7772 says:

    This was clean ,neat af

  • @Rick_787 says:

    That was so good!

  • @2Tall03XX says:

    Dammit man!!

  • @philipmikolsmusic says:

    Great message but the music is way too loud and distracting.

  • @Hilarious03 says:

    Well said sir! A damn good letter I say!

  • @djinsanity3575 says:

    He’s not wrong

  • @Accentor100 says:

    Great letter Don. TSR lessons are the best.

  • @PicoLino-xv7wz says:

    Good one Donovan.
    Need to edit the subtitles though.

  • @DrB_84 says:

    A TSR classic!!!!

  • @Lukeperryredpill says:


  • @coolybop66 says:

    Too little too late for us Donovan, the damage has been done and I’m afraid this can’t be fixed.

  • @gregrosenberg1541 says:

    This hits real, the target audience ain’t listening tho

  • @evaneichenberger845 says:

    Brutal lol!

  • @augustojoseramonpinochetug5235 says:

    DS dropping truth bombs as usual

  • @JohnSmith-pn1vv says:

    Should be titled Dear Americans, American men are entitled princesses too.

  • @charleszilich3523 says:

    How dare you!

  • >