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What Are Italians REALLY Like? (North vs South)

We asked Northern and Southern Italians on the streets of Florence about the most accurate stereotypes. Do they think Italians are bad drivers? Are they warm and expressive? Are Italian men "conquerors"? Is food really such a big deal in Italy? And which Italian stereotypes are not true? Dating in Scandinavia? Read: Join DBB mailing […]

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What is the Most True Italian Stereotype? 🇮🇹

We asked Italians on the streets of Florence to tell us what is the most true stereotype about Italians. These responses are mostly from Southern Italians, so keep that in mind! Are Italians really into gesturing? Do they love food and getting together? Are they bad drivers?

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Who Pays on the Date in Italy? 🇮🇹

We asked Italian men and women on the streets of Florence who pays on the date in Italy. The answers were quite unexpected. Check out what they had to say!

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Are Italian men REALLY “mama’s boys”?

We ask Italians in Florence about the "momma's boy" stereotype to see what they have to say. Are Italian men really momma's boys? Why so: is it more emotional or economical? Is it common to live with your mom longer?

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Foreigners on Living in Argentina vs Their Country

We asked foreigners from Germany, USA, Jamaica and the UK about the biggest culture shock they've experienced living in Argentina. What is the biggest difference between living in Argentina and their country?

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Austrian Can’t Understand American Culture 🇦🇹🇺🇲

Thomas from Austria is shocked at living in America and dating an American. From communication, to table manners to big American supermarkets. How is dating in Austria and America different?

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