Who Pays on the Date? 🇫🇷 vs 🇨🇦

I asked a French and a Quebecois woman on the streets of Montreal about who should pay on the first date and here is what they had to say. How does dating in France differ from Quebec? Which is more gender equal?

Charlie Page

  • @LittleLulubee says:

    I like your dress 💛🥰

  • @hummel3479 says:

    Split the bill. Women want to be treated equally they say.

  • @agotadunai-checkitout5518 says:

    If you INVITE someone than you pay. So whoever initiated the date should pay.

  • @johngonzalez4298 says:

    Happy Monday, Marina ❤! Hope you had a good weekend. For a first date, the guy should be the one to pay but I would say down the line, the one who is inviting the other person out should be the one paying whether if it is the man or the woman. I like your outfit by the way 💛 🖤

  • @lauras1553 says:

    Well, I’m French too and I’d rather split. There can be exceptions of course, there always are some for any situation, but usually I’d rather split.

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