Why He SUDDENLY Acts Cold | 7 Reasons Why A Man Acts Distant

Why He SUDDENLY Acts Cold | 7 Reasons Why A Man Acts Distant…When a man is distant and suddenly acts cold, I want you to understand what may be causing this issue. In this dating advice video, I'll discuss why a man suddenly acts cold. Take heed to this relationship and dating advice video, and watch to the end to understand how men think when they are in love.

As a certified life coach, relationship coach, and dating coach, I want to make dating and relationships easier for you. I pray that you find this video helpful and that you can enjoy dating and have a fulfilling, healthy relationship.

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I hope you enjoyed my video: Why He SUDDENLY Acts Cold | 7 Reasons Why A Man Acts Distant

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Charlie Page

  • @Didi-fr5ic says:

    If you always love yourself more than you love him, it wont bother you because you were fine alone before he came. You woman must learn to walk away you stay way to long. Love yourself ❤

    A man that suddenly acts cold should be the biggest turn off for you..you can not build with a man like that.

  • @EternalflameC.L. says:

    Generation of ppl who are scared to love.Iv’e had enough of this bs.

    • @Didi-fr5ic says:

      Me 2 😂 it just sounds like a boy who needs a mother,.we as woman are supposed to be a mans partners but they want mothers this is why I believe the divorce rate is so high..the woman are leaving

    • @EternalflameC.L. says:

      @@Didi-fr5ic something has gone very wrong somwhere down the line yea 😏

    • @Didi-fr5ic says:

      ​@@EternalflameC.L.it’s social media, people not healing from past traumas, men are addicted to p*rn and men are to afraid to approach..I think its a disaster but I think we as woman can survive alone, men can’t.

    • @MeetStephanSpeaks says:


  • @jennehsmith8170 says:

    But if he feels like this then there’s no point starting a relationship! He should have thought about his feelings and the next person before getting into this situationship in the first place 🤨. Don’t you think?

    • @MeetStephanSpeaks says:

      Yes, but all men don’t communicate that in the beginning 🙏

    • @jennehsmith8170 says:

      @@MeetStephanSpeaks I also think that some men go cold because they want to get in the panties the moment you give them a look and if you try to get to know them better ….., they turns away because you won’t give them the (cookie) they don’t even want to give you a chance ….
      I’m I right?

  • @user-fh1tr9zp3l says:

    As a woman entering a relationship with a man it’s like
    Navigating my Everest
    No explanation and growing cold ? Ah that’s so frustrating
    Could u these selfish men out there break this unhealthy
    Cycle ?
    Be brave stay strong and just say exactly what’s on your mind

  • @travelchannel304 says:

    I noticed “that moment ” w/:others & w/ my child’s dad( pre-conception.😅). Like the shoe dropping..it’s predictable!! 😂 I didn’t really like him for long term anyway & could watch the process cause I didn’t care. I think it’s when the guy “wants something ” and your able to provide , & what he’s able to do, yet he’s been a “good boy” or “his representative” isnt meant for long term. And he’s gotta be himself!! And his poo or humanity comes out . LoL

  • @jhfamily189 says:

    This was a good one. I’m such an empath. I’ll just fall back with him. I’m not trying after that. Especially at my age. I can’t take moody men.

    • @MyDarlingRocsi says:

      Girrrrl, I feel you! Not anymore, not at this big age. I direct my empathy toward myself!

    • @MeetStephanSpeaks says:

      Thanks 🙏

    • @user-fh1tr9zp3l says:

      And most of the time it’s petty stuff and expect us to be superwoman
      Am an upbeat fun person cannot tolerate a temperamental dude
      Let me now exactly what’s on your mind or else get lost

    • @jhfamily189 says:

      @@user-fh1tr9zp3l right!! That’s while all of this information is great you have to move to the beat of your own drum. What does not kill you makes you stronger 💯💪🏾

  • @sondramister8188 says:

    I’m tired of being told you’re not my woman but ee can still do things together i really give up throw in the towel it’s very draining 52 I’m retiring not gonna even try this mess no more 🙄

  • @eviesavitzky8316 says:

    Yeah sounds like what I have just gone through! But my case I needed to walk away from it! 6 years and walking away!!

  • @medusagorgon8432 says:

    I completely ignored this video. 🙂 But my Spiritual Guides had other plans. I watched two separate videos on an entirely different subject (medieval history), and when I clicked back to the main page it did not refresh.🤨😅 You immediately started talking which made me look down at the title. I almost kept it moving again, but I was asked to listen. The points you mentioned in the first two topics is my exact situation. Things were going fantastical and then suddenly I could feel the withdraw. We weren’t physically together at the time, so I didn’t understand what was happening. But energy doesn’t lie. I could sense that he was feeling unsure and anxious in spite of the fact that he was clearly enjoying our time spent together and the talks we had. Fast forward a bit and I’m starting to piece a few things together through observation and things being said. And just plain intuition. People do not realize I can literally hear conversations that I was not present for. A male friend, who he has known since childhood has a great deal of influence on him. The friend and I have never met, so anything he says about me is speculative. Then there is his mother and grandmother who are in hopes that he will get back with his ex-wife. This is for financial reasons that I will not get into. Three people who have their own agendas at play, stating God only knows what (based on nothing), about me to him. It eventually came to a head. I told him that while he was a wonderful man and that I did love him immensely (still do), I was not willing to stick around for the drama. I do wish him every wonder thing! Especially the ability to think for himself and decide what is best for him, without giving into manipulative outside influences of friends and family. This I know will be immensely freeing for him mentally and emotionally. Unfortunately, the breakdown of his marriage and childhood trauma (abandonment issues), really did a number on him. Something he is not aware of consciously.

  • @kiravampira1456 says:

    Far too many have this annoying obsession with “shifting the power balance”. The *moment* he tries to make me the pursuer/chaser is the moment I “next” him. Not even my definition of male beauty would be worth role-reversal, let alone a nobody.

    • @jibarabicha4853 says:

      Every time it happens it’s this reason!! So manipulative and catty…no thank you !

    • @kiravampira1456 says:

      *power dynamic (for my initial comment)
      It’s not even a “challenge” to figure them out – just very annoying. Once you know that a grown male who isn’t doing anything to improve your life is not really interested in you, none of them can convince you to go 50-50, let alone engage in role-reversal.

    • @luvingmerevivedandblessed8520 says:

      Exactly! Not male beauty at all.. ugh!

  • @karezoticsndour2879 says:

    I know this video is about a man growing cold, but however, women grow cold and most of the time the man is not treating her well

  • @karezoticsndour2879 says:

    For a fact that if a woman ignore a man when he’s in that phase, she will get better results he will eventually come around

  • @BeautiifulliMade says:

    Still trying to wrap my head around where things keep going wrong. We were doing good and then the next day he walked away. He wasn’t ready for a put together woman like myself.

  • @oluwaseunsmith4027 says:

    We lot tend to communicate with people who aren’t able to assimilate. People seek the heights of respect they do not know how to give or even unpack. When two people who once Cared about each other start to feel otherwise, just come out straight and let them know.

    Sure they’d be hurt but not as much as it would when you ghost them eventually. ❤️ x 💡

  • @bumblebee_mrs says:

    I’d love to spread some positivity and say that the people who teach the truth are the ones who will heal the world.

  • @welcometosherickaworld9381 says:

    You are so right it’s sad then the man act like you did something wrong

  • @angelaleeway7110 says:

    It’s just a bunch of dismissive avoidance men out there. Which is fine, but they are also not self aware and not seeking proper help 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • @JackieS812 says:

    Great video Bro. Stephan!❤

  • @ameliasavage4307 says:

    Thank you for the last reason when the man leaves you because he wants you to let him go. it helped me .😊 I feel better. I didn’t do anything wrong and i feel Better now that i watch or video.

  • @valeriekaroline says:

    Thank you for making that first point and the explanation beforehand. So important!

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