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Show Him You Have Class…Do This! | Relationship Advice for Woman by Mat Boggs

Mat Boggs shares dating advice for women and how to show him you have class.

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Mat Boggs Bio:
Mat has helped millions of people around the world attract love and develop fulfilling relationships. He’s also the founder of a revolutionary system of attracting love called Manifest Your Man.
In addition to running a highly successful coaching business, Mat is also the co-author of the best-selling Project Everlasting, which received a major, six-figure advance from Simon and Schuster publications.
Mat has been featured on CNN, Oprah & Friends, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and many other media outlets, as well as shared the stage with some of the industry’s biggest names, including; John Gray, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Bob Proctor and Brendon Burchard, and more.

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Charlie Page

  • @jasminebauer5697 says:

    Great loving story ❤

  • @mbere1 says:

    What a beautiful love story ❤

  • @fromrussiawith4734 says:

    Congratulations!!! Powerful story!❤❤❤

  • @marthatowler3057 says:

    I am only 5 minutes in and I am LOVING this story 😭 OMG!

  • @Mayfloweralways says:

    I do think much of this is true, but ironically, and people may very much disagree, she was only successful with a man that she wasn’t initially crazy about and found less attractive. Therefore, she was able to stick to her standards. Had he been “smoking hot” she may not have managed the situation the same way. The biggest take away isn’t just about honesty and standards. It’s also about self awareness. The more you want someone, the more you act like you reeaaally want them to like you, and it shows in your choices and how you act with them. It’s “pick me” energy. It’s your ability to still stand your ground despite all those feelings and hoping he likes you that make the difference. You have to honor what you want from a relationship more than you chase the butterflies you feel.

    • @lynnita321 says:

      Bingo! I agree with you on all points here. I had a coach tell me that when looking at online profiles to read them first, and if what they said matched my standards and resonated, then go ahead and look at their photos.

    • @catche85 says:

      So you’ve pretty much just described what Chris did I think. Hot, fit woman who wasn’t attracted to them then put him in a situationship but it was okay because she was “honest”, and he just kept agreeing to her terms. At no point did this story include Chris saying “that sounds good and this is my standard”. I dont think this is as feel good a story as it’s being made out to be simply because it had a happy ending.

    • @Mayfloweralways says:

      @@catche85yes, Chris did act this way. And that’s unfortunate. It’s hard to say how nice of a story it really is because all we really know is that she wasn’t that attracted to him and he agreed to anything she wanted. And he also lost weight. For his own happiness or because he felt insecure- because he knew she was disappointed in his weight and trying to look past it? I didn’t really get warm fuzzies with this story.

    • @Zoroastrian88 says:

      I agree 10000000%%%%% because otherwise this story would had ended otherwise 😂

  • @ek8928 says:

    I never give hope to a person I am not into him and I see that he has feelings for me!!! I have friends to hang around!

    • @deliapasqualini970 says:

      Actually, me neither. I don’t see the point. The same when I am into a man who doesn’t correspond and only wants to catch up, I immediately take distances.

    • @BetterTogether300 says:

      It’s a diff way, she told him she wasn’t feeling romance for him but they still hung out and were friends got too k ow each other . …he celebrated her n showed love toward her they enjoyed the level of love friends love,..n she included physical touch hugging n dating,..he understood the limit n still stayed with her..she eventually fellin live with the love he gave n the comittment he showed to them. She knew him n opened her heart finally fully. I get it n he was physically fit finally in the end he lost 60. pounds

    • @Mayfloweralways says:

      @@BetterTogether300 the way he went all out for Valentine’s day….he was way more in love with her and hoping to be more. Her own dad even spoke up that everyone could see he was into her and not to tease him. The only reason it’s not a bad story is that she happened to develop feelings for him. I think it’s hard for most people to risk breaking another person’s heart.

    • @BetterTogether300 says:

      @@Mayfloweralways ur right, u don’t want any hearts broken, being honest n upfront us imp. Finding a different way that worked for kthem was OK too as long as both ppl weren’t getting

  • @brooklyn4721 says:

    Please thank Mel for sharing her story IT was beautiful and resonated with me deeply.

  • @carolinareaper8089 says:

    I would die from feeling guilty 😮 maybe its her truth but i would horroble knowing someone is developing feelings for me , getting used to , get into me by touch, intimate conversations and investing in me while I date other people and tel him to wait , wait, wait … it’s not classy to me . What if she left him ? Would he gain 100 kg? Would he kill himself ? It’s a happy ending but it could have been a case that would broke him for life !

    • @Mellie726 says:

      I agree, this has to be the exception not the rule. If this guy was really attractive he would have told her to take a hike, I think he didn’t have enough self esteem to say no and for that I feel sorry for him, and I am a woman.

  • @dianesisler7175 says:

    This is such an amazing story. I love this.❤😊

  • @MsLilac88 says:

    Hello Mat, I always feel enlightened by your amazing relationship advice videos, these words of wisdom are so true. 💜

  • @laureenmchugh4878 says:

    Fabulous story!! Thank you for sharing!! GREAT advice and inner peace!!

  • @Grow.YT.Views.246 says:

    I can’t believe how addictive this is!

  • @BetterTogether300 says:

    She was honest from the start, n said so. He kept on..Valentines da special cd be to honourher as a woman and as a woman he wd like
    As long as he wasn’t being hurt, maybe he didn’t open his heart u til later. He just liked her, she was his idea of a woman he’d want. It’s nice to be wanted loved as long as the ppl aren’t hurt. It cd go 2 ways,he cd find another or they cd go somewhere. He put in the right efforts n she got to know who he was in friendship, no pressure.

  • @purejoymirai says:

    What a great story and I love it💕 Thank you for sharing this with us, Mat✨✨✨

  • @TheJessicagardner says:

    Lovely how he was patient and caring while she took her time and did not rush things …

  • @pamelawright3253 says:

    Chris sounds like an amazing, patient man

  • @joannguzzo185 says:

    I did something similar to this situation/story with someone recently… stating my truth and the guy left never heard from him again

  • @joannguzzo185 says:

    In my experience most guys don’t appreciate a classy ” speak / stay in your truth” gal ..

    • @Mayfloweralways says:

      Here’s what is hard when dating- realizing that more guys will leave than stay. Or guys that want to use you, they stay in orbit but never commit. I can only say that when i found a wonderful man, i had been burned so much that i was rooting for the wrong ones to go- even if i liked them. There’s immense peace in being happy yet open- and knowing only a great guy is going want to make the effort to fit himself into your life. Other than being kind and interesting, you’re kind of a spectator- observing who hasn’t run away or tried to manipulate you.

  • @bronx452 says:

    Beautiful story ❤ thank you

  • @lisayoung2641 says:

    excellent story!! Gracias Jefe Mateo

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