My Mom was right! My Big MISTAKE | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Mat Boggs shares dating advice for women and a life lesson my mother taught me that will change your life forever.

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Mat Boggs Bio:
Mat has helped millions of people around the world attract love and develop fulfilling relationships. He’s also the founder of a revolutionary system of attracting love called Manifest Your Man.
In addition to running a highly successful coaching business, Mat is also the co-author of the best-selling Project Everlasting, which received a major, six-figure advance from Simon and Schuster publications.
Mat has been featured on CNN, Oprah & Friends, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and many other media outlets, as well as shared the stage with some of the industry’s biggest names, including; John Gray, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Bob Proctor and Brendon Burchard, and more.

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Charlie Page

  • @dorahmghweno1757 says:

    This is timely, I have always victimized myself by acting out on the negative, instead of claiming myself and choosing on the positivity. Thank you Mat

  • @jenniferheath816 says:

    Great video ❤️

  • @AnnyaOT says:

    One of your best videos ever! Congratulations! Just made my day ❤. How blessed you were to have such an advise at the age of 5. How different would the world be if every children have the same opportunity to learn how to self-regulate emotionally so early in their life. Thank you for sharing this 🙏🏻.

  • @marevagodfrey7529 says:

    Wonderful sharing! I think of it now this way- do I want to be “right” (in my fury, disappointment, hurt, or any negative emotions) or do I want to be happy?? And I go to mindfulness to find the “seed”…the gift of the challenge. Thank you, Matt!

  • @goworldwide says:

    Wow thanks for reminding this. Empowering. And what are the thoughts? “It can only be better now”.

  • @munaadhamy says:

    Just the right time for me to watch this video as I go thru divorce and figure out custody/ parenting schedule

  • @KaveenRose-ms3zz says:

    Boy does this hit home. I was just ghosted by a man that was planning his future with me, but at the same time was cheating on me with many women. I was so mad and depressed trying to win his affection back and did everything wrong. Now I’m Empowered thanks to your video and am embracing life once again. Thank you for hosting this video.

  • @KeishaCharmaine says:

    That was a great Bob Proctor impression. Happy birthday to your mom🎉

  • @MariamSabaArt says:

    Thank you for this. It was timely. Happy birthday to Mary. What I often use circles around Mercy. If I choose to believe God is so Merciful it preceeds even His wrath (verse in the Qur’an) then everything is from His Mercy, even things I don’t appreciate. So I start looking for it because I know it’s there somewhere. So I ask “Where is the Mercy here?” Trusting, holding faith it will be revealed eventually. It has been revealed every time so far because I’m looking for it. Peace. 💜

  • @secretshaman189 says:

    So spot on! Our behaviors are so tied to our emotions. When we choose positive emotion, we thrive and prosper — and we do have that core freedom as human beings. Great video!

  • @emilyprater1695 says:

    This is so true. Thank you Mat for always showing us the positive side of any situation. My bf and I broke up a few weeks ago and I just kept your voice in my head saying it’s ok there is someone out there even better still and to see that sometimes the breakup is the blessing. Now we’re both free to find the one who is meant for us. Your videos and insight have changed my perspectives in life and I appreciate you so much!

  • @NyappyKaoru says:

    Amazing advice ! A great life lesson from your mom, explaining you that at just 5. Thanks for your vibe Mat !

  • @cazola247 says:

    Happy birthday to your Mom! She totally rocks.

  • @graceclement5922 says:

    Thank you for the reminder!

  • @bektiller1622 says:

    Just a few seconds in… He-Man and Barbie at a tea party! Omg lol… where was Ken?? 😂

  • @estherlam5190 says:

    Me time for reflection, life lessons, inner & shadow works, recharge and restart with refreshed +ve mindset, plus real self confidence😊

  • @aureliecatherinecormier613 says:

    Thanks Mat, love your wise messages, as always! Say Happy Birth-Day to your Mom, as always! Her life in her Mid-70’s is a Miracle considering where she started in the ICU at 18yo! ❣

  • @moneytalkworks says:

    Oh Matt! You are one of my favorite communicators. I appreciate you and all the work that you do. This video hits home, it’s explained well and I have clarity on how to approach issues when they come. Bless you and thank you for the practical examples❤❤❤❤

  • @UYLhealth says:

    Happy Birthday Mary!🤗🎉❤️
    Love the Heman story. Child of the 80’s here also

  • @rociocazares9080 says:

    Things are always working out for me and for all of us. Abraham Hicks words

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