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Approaching Women: Should You Be Direct, Indirect Or Is There Another Way To Show Your Interest?

When approaching a woman, you want to be clear about your intentions yet to not scare her off. How do you strike this balance? Is being indirect better? In this video I explain everything! ►► Learn to be confident and to approach women successfully → Subscribe to my channel HayleyQuinnXx: *** Modern dating advice for […]

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One Conversation Hack: Take a Risk! #shorts

Don't run the risk of being too vanilla in your conversations because you're worried about messing it up and losing her interest. Instead allow yourself to be playful using this simple conversation skills hack.►► Learn practical skills and become super attractive: www.hayleyquinn.com/attraction/ Subscribe to my channel HayleyQuinnXx: *** Modern dating advice for men and women […]

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Disagree With Her: Conversation Skills for Dates

Good dates aren't about agreeing on everything. In fact if you have points of difference then this can be more attractive if you can express them confidently. Remember as much as it's good for you to be interested in her life, she also needs to find you interesting… and you are! Just make sure you […]

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When You Stop Caring So Much, Results Come

When you stop caring so much, you get a lot better results when it comes to dating. However, you can't just "pretend" you're not interested in women because that doesn't work either…So, in this presentation, we cover what not caring REALLY means when it comes to dating and how continuing to implement dating success principles […]

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