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The 4-Letter Word That Makes Women Want You…

Claim your copy of The Good Guy Guide System here now: Did you know that women are actually consistent in their dating behavior? And that if a woman is even a little bit attracted to you when she first meets you, your behavior is what determines where things go from there (not your bank account, […]

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Never Chase After Being Dumped

In this presentation, we cover 7 things that allow you to start processing a breakup so you can move forward from a position of STRENGTH when you're ready… For advanced free training and more, go here: To claim your copy of the best-selling Attract and Keep Her System so you can attract a devoted girlfriend […]

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How Women TEST You and How to Handle it…

In this presentation, we cover 4 of the most common tests a woman can throw your way in the early stages of dating and exactly how to handle each of them so you can increase her attraction and love for you instead of losing her. Even the sweetest, nicest women will usually test you at […]

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