Why Do Argentinians Cheat So Much? (Chongos, Telos)

We interviewed people on the streets of Buenos Aires about how they see friends with benefits, or chongos. Do they have a chongo, and how many? Have they been to a love motel "telo"? Have they been cheated on or have they cheated on their partner? And what do they think about commitment?

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Marina Iakovleva (directing)

Camila Salazar (host):
Lau Castro (videography):

Charlie Page

  • @Sharmaine-df9xd says:

    It’s fascinating to see how this conversation continues to evolve and unfold. There’s always something new to discover.🧡

  • @klebervieira4234 says:

    Assistindo do Brasil

  • @MindDrip says:

    Been learning spanish for years but many of these things were completely new for me about the argentinian culture

  • @ElCarritoDeAsgard says:

    Argentinian women seem very attractive and fun. I would like to meet one someday. Saludos desde Argentina.

  • @jimmymartinez2585 says:

    Well Argentina is out 😅

  • @diegorubio2509 says:

    Damn… so sad to normalize hookups and cheating in a society.

    • @dunnowy123 says:

      I think it’s weird if a person hasn’t had a hook up phase in the 21st century (obviously cultural norms permitting). How can you know who you should end up with for the rest of your life if you haven’t gotten over the desire for no-frills sex out of your system? And, realistically, if you find a woman/man who you wouldn’t dare cheat on, is that not a good thing?

    • @rsoub4086 says:

      I lived in the opposite and its not healthy, Now probably you are not married.

    • @oreoakalaperoji8314 says:

      ​@@rsoub4086Are you saying casual sex and cheating are healthy?

    • @oreoakalaperoji8314 says:

      ​@@dunnowy123you’re right it’s very strange to meet people without a sheep-like mindset. Most follow cultural norms and trends. Can you honestly say in Hitler’s Germany you wouldn’t also blindly hate jews?

    • @franciscovilcheavila960 says:

      Hookups doesnt look bad, cheating is the bad stuff.

  • @eneacreativedesign says:

    Where is Ashton Kutcher?

  • @shutting88 says:

    Now I can understand why guys go to South America.

    • @user-gp4fm4id4o says:

      dont generalized… not all women are like this

    • @shutting88 says:

      @@user-gp4fm4id4o Of course everybody can be different but you may find more than enough people that might be interested in you. In other countries, people may do it more secretly.

  • @user-og2wt3le4j says:

    I never knew Argentinian women were such 304s.

  • @tobiojo6469 says:

    Interesting video

  • @chetyoubetya8565 says:

    That’s what I want: a girl that everyone I know uses.

    • @franciscovilcheavila960 says:

      Or you prefer one who do her stuff behind your back ?
      Because always happens that stuff the only difference is you dont need to hide your dirty laundry today xD.

      If you expect a nun go to a convent.

    • @lille21 says:

      Poor thing you are.

  • @chrisgeorge4497 says:

    They belong to the STREETS

  • @bleepbloop7039 says:

    no wonder families are failing, sex should not be the basis of a relationship if its going to be anything meaningful

  • @l3K8 says:

    What about AIDS?

  • @ctsd623 says:

    This video makes it look like Argentina has better looking men than women

  • @lille21 says:

    El libertario este que encontraron, mamma mia 😂

  • @JAL2324 says:

    Hay un país americano que estás cosas no pasan o no son común, He escuchado que las chicas de las americas son así pero pensé fue gringos armagos pero después este vídeo no se que decir la verdad. Alguien de las Américas puede confirmar si es tan malo los dicen?

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