5 Things Smart Men Should Not Do With Women

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The biggest mistake you could ever make is choosing the wrong woman, especially if you get married, and most especially if you become financially successful. You'll learn the top 5 things NOT to do when getting involved with a woman so you don't end up making this costly mistake.

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Charlie Page

  • @001Adavize. says:

    Thanks man

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    Nice 😮

  • @IdaAnthony-ct2rk says:

    Hey Tripp My Husband And I Had Been Together For 3 Years And Married For A Year This Dan And Ida From Emmett Idaho

  • @cantorcarmen says:

    In our culture we get engaged within a month of meeting and married a few months later. 90 percent of these marriages last a lifetime.

  • @maddenmotions1347 says:

    Facts 💯 Tripp

  • @-gn7sn says:

    Number 2 is spot on.

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