Foreigner Reveals the Hardest Part About Living in Germany

Elena shares her eye-opening experiences and the biggest culture shocks she faced upon arriving in Germany. From navigating the healthcare system to understanding public transportation, Elena's story provides a unique look at daily life in Germany. Learn about the stereotypes she held about Germans before her move and how her perceptions transformed as she immersed herself in German culture.

Charlie Page

  • @radicaIarchitect says:

    Nice lady 😊

  • @LittleLulubee says:

    She’s so cute 🥰

  • @SigrunKucek says:

    The camaraderie among participants is palpable. It’s like being among friends, albeit virtual ones.✨

  • @willileo2373 says:

    Hello dear, pharmacist here; when you have musculoskeletal problem most of the time you only need analgesics and anti-inflammatory so it’s not a wrong diagnosis after using it for a while you’ll be healed unless you have chronic underlying condition

  • @ddd7386 says:

    As a Ukrainian myself, I know that Ukrainians often do not understand the medical practices in Western countries. In Western countries, medicine is based on evidence. Doctors usually don’t prescribe any treatment that won’t help. In Ukraine, people often want medicine for everything, even when it’s not necessary for their health. The case in the video is similar. She had some basic back problems that could improve on their own, which is why the doctor gave her some basic pills. She called a Ukrainian doctor, who likely gave her some exercises that probably didn’t help much but also didn’t cause harm. She did those exercises and believed they helped, rather than just giving it time.

  • @emilydavison2053 says:

    If she can get better medical help online, stick with that and don’t bother doctors. There’s not much doctors can do for bad backs – it’s usually physio and exercise that helps.

    I talked to an Eastern European woman in London who’d been to see a doctor about a sore throat and cold ffs. She said the NHS was no good because they didn’t give her a blood test or antibiotics. 🙄

  • @West2WesternGhats says:

    You betrayed your own nation & now you are complaining about Germany…!!! The audacity…

  • @cutebear1817 says:

    Germany is making a lot of sacrifices to take people in. Its admirable

    • @walterbrunswick says:

      They also supplying a lot to the Ukronazis
      Привітання від Українця родом із Канади

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