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How Many Friends with Benefits Do Argentinians Have?

We asked Argentinians on the streets of Buenos Aires about the number of "chongos" or friends with benefits they each have and the answers shocked us.

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WATCH THIS Before Dating Another Culture

Today's video is all about cross-cultural relationships. What attracts us to other cultures. What top struggles we might face when dating someone from another culture. What can we do to make this process a little easier. Are you in a relationship with someone from abroad? Support channel: Read "Sex Before Coffee": Watch Podcast: FREE Culture […]

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Why Argentinian Approach is so Different

Argentinians are known to be some of the biggest smooth-talkers in the world! We interview Argentinians in Buenos Aires to get their thoughts on the approach. What is a chamuyero and are Argentinians chamuyeros? How do women like to be approached? How do men typically approach? What not to do if you want to date […]

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Dating in Italy According to an American? 🇺🇲🇮🇹

We ask an American girl on the streets of Florence about her experience dating an Italian man. What is the best thing and the worst thing about dating an Italian?

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Do Serbian Girls Want to Date Foreigners? 🇷🇸

I asked Serbian girls in Belgrade if they would rather date a Serbian or foreigner and here's what they had to say.

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Who Pays on the Date in Italy? 🇮🇹

We asked Italian men and women on the streets of Florence who pays on the date in Italy. The answers were quite unexpected. Check out what they had to say!

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What an Argentinian Girl Thinks About Dating in Scandinavia?

We interviewed Lucre on the streets of Buenos Aires to get her opinion on dating in Denmark vs Argentina. She has dated a Danish man for almost 9 years and wanted to share her experience. Are Danes more or less commitment phobic? How is public displays of affection different?

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Mexican Relationships Are Toxic? 🇲🇽

I interviewed people on the streets of Mexico City about love and relationships in Mexico. Are Mexicans more jealous? Is there an expectation to say "I love you" immediately? What do Mexicans love and hate about the dating scene?

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Are Italian men REALLY “mama’s boys”?

We ask Italians in Florence about the "momma's boy" stereotype to see what they have to say. Are Italian men really momma's boys? Why so: is it more emotional or economical? Is it common to live with your mom longer?

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Are Finnish People Rude? 🇫🇮

I ask Varpu, a Finnish creator living around Helsinki about how the gender equality has impacted life in Finland. Are Finnish men rude in not opening the door or offering to help with heavy luggage? What is "sisu" and what does it show about the Finnish mentality?

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