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WATCH THIS Before Dating Another Culture

Today's video is all about cross-cultural relationships. What attracts us to other cultures. What top struggles we might face when dating someone from another culture. What can we do to make this process a little easier. Are you in a relationship with someone from abroad? Support channel: Read "Sex Before Coffee": Watch Podcast: FREE Culture […]

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How to Approach Women as a Beginner?

Do you hold back from even trying to meet women because you’re a “beginner” at the whole dating thing? Is it really hard for you to say ANYTHING to her, let alone a witty line? Let me break down why this happens and what to do abou it! ‌ – Interacting with a woman you […]

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Can You Just Say Hi to Her?

Can you really start a conversation with her just by saying “hi”? YES you can.Sure it’s not the most slick could-have-been-written-for-a-movie line but that’s not what she’s judging you on. Cool conversation starters are great, but not if they’re so complex you can’t put them into practice.Prioritise conversation starters that allow you to actually talk […]

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