What Are Italians REALLY Like? (North vs South)

We asked Northern and Southern Italians on the streets of Florence about the most accurate stereotypes. Do they think Italians are bad drivers? Are they warm and expressive? Are Italian men "conquerors"? Is food really such a big deal in Italy? And which Italian stereotypes are not true?

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Truest Italian stereotype?
3:14 Rules around food?
3:30 Are Italian men "conquerors"?
4:55 Biggest difference between North and South?
6:23 Do Italians dress up to go to the store?
7:07 Are Italians more romantic and expressive?
7:45 What is a non-true stereotype about Italians?

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Maria Glezelli: www.instagram.com/maria.glezelli
Xasan Habibullayev: www.instagram.com/khabibullayevx

Alessia Monaco www.instagram.com/_alessiamonaco
Matilde Belli www.instagram.com/matildebelli

Marina Iakovleva (editing)

Filmed in:
Florence, Italy

Charlie Page

  • @henryqu19 says:

    Italian : hands and pasta are the things that came up to my mind ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @beste3975 says:

    I don’t know much about Italians. I only know one Sicilian girl. I didn’t have good experiences with her since she wasn’t keeping her promises, always being late or changing the appointments, always saying sorry for what she did, and behaving as if I was her best friend by hugging me so tightly and behaving too warm. Of course, all Italians can not be like her but I just wanted to express my experience.

    • @michelleg7 says:

      Unfortunately, the late thing is a common in latin cultures especially Spain, Latin America and Italy. The hugging nope that is pretty genuine thing they do especially when they know you. It’s hard for you to understand that some cultures if you don’t know much about their culture. If she was changing appointments then I would have talked with her about that.

    • @diofromyozgat says:

      tbh i would love to have a friend like her(except not keeping promises and changing the appointments). Btw are you from Turkey? There are many Turkish people like that too, except the saying “sorry” part sadly. I dont think average European behave warmer than average Turk.

    • @Xerekaengolidoradequiabo3000 says:

      โ€‹@@michelleg7very common here in Brazil, not sure about Portugal

    • @beste3975 says:

      @@diofromyozgat Yes I’m from Turkey. I criticize the behaviors of Turkish in terms of that too.

    • @ForeverNihil says:

      I think she was just rude. If someone likes to spend time with you I dont think should behave like this.Im Sicilian and Turkish culture are very similar.

  • @petram.972 says:

    My Italian dating story: I was visiting Milan and was having a coffee in a bar. I was chatting with a man and told him I was very interested in the architecture of Milan. He said he was an architect and offered to take me on a little tour. After the tour I asked if we could have another coffee. He said to me, we’re going to a hotel together now!! I politely declined.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  • @raymondmuench3266 says:

    I remember some nuns in Salerno telling me that, as an American, I was more โ€œmeredionaleโ€ (sp.?) than my British companions. I suppose that was a compliment, ma chi sa? Probably wouldnโ€™t have been in Rome.

    • @Iknos997 says:

      Meridionale (southern), they meant you are warmer, friendlier and nicer.
      We love when foreigners behave like that and embrace our philosophy of life

    • @Iknos997 says:

      Meridionale (southern), they meant you are warmer, friendlier and nicer.
      We love when foreigners behave like that and embrace our philosophy of life

  • @Lytasa says:

    I love alllll Italian .

  • @derekpappas1556 says:

    If you ever deal with the loud obnoxious decendents of Southern Italians in NYC and long Island , you know . I have also dealt with the old school male attitudes and real mafia from various areas . Northern Italians are more calm and creative . Both sides like their culturally styled homes and plantings. Those in-between are just that but may be placed between a mediator between the 2 . Crazy greeks in the south and more ethnic mixing and interactions with conflict than the north near Austria.

    • @elisabettazuppardi1469 says:

      Your obnoxious Americans with Southern ancestors have nothing to do with real South Italians who are very generous and nice people

    • @helgaioannidis9365 says:

      Having lived in both Italy and Greece I’d say that the Greek influence on southern Italy sure is palpable, but when it comes to the relationship between the sexes I see great differences between southern Italy and Greece.

  • @dernevalribeiro4503 says:

    I could go on and listen to them explaining Italy stereotypes all day. So funny. That curly hair girl is awesome.

  • @Nasserist1969 says:

    The Arabness of Southern Italy is so telling.

    • @Xerekaengolidoradequiabo3000 says:

      Ive seen some similaitiries between here in Brazil and some Arab countries too

    • @francescotellini1389 says:

      Some interviewed people are certainly 2nd generation emigrants.

    • @Goldenskies__ says:

      *Levantiness. Did you miss the blond sicilian with sunglasses? We are mixture of ethnicities and all those ethnicities can also be found in Arabs from the Levant. From Phoenicians to Greek, To Arabs to Amazigh. We are a European version of them. If you look at DNA results online from Southern Italy and Sicily and then you compare them to Levantine results you will see pretty much the same ethnicities but with different percentages. Levantines tend to have a higher percentage of Arab of course, while we us Southern Italians and Sicilians tend to be more Greek/Italian etc. you should watch a few ancestry DNA results from those 2 areas, I’ve been watching a lot and noticed people from the Levant share the same ethnicities but with different percentages. The Mediterranean is made of the same people but in different percentage hahah

    • @gabrielemangialavori8732 says:

      Not so much, except Sicily, but not all of the south and not only with the Arabs but many cultures over the millennia

  • @tobiojo6469 says:

    Awesome video

  • @shinwaramin8582 says:

    best people with best energy

  • @MrAbrazildo says:

    I love slow food.

  • @ShiningNoctowls says:


  • @BCSchmerker says:

    +datingbeyondborders *Actually, Firenze, Toscana, ITA.*

  • @Queerz4Palestein says:


  • @salvatoregargiuoli385 says:

    For all the foreigners: when you meet an Italian, please AVOID those sad jokes about Pizza with Pineapple or speaking with gestures. Instead, please visit Italia and fall in love with the eternal beauty of this unique country. You are very welcome! (And yes, Italian man are Romanic, Mamma mia).

  • @AbraXas-bi9ux says:

    I am from South Tyrol. At Xmas, we are 6 people at the table ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @salmarcano4057 says:

    So similar to Greece ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • @gabrielemangialavori8732 says:

    0:36 It’s absolutely not true, the Mafia doesn’t represent Italy as they say it abroad… 0:45 we don’t drive without a license and helmets, don’t generalize, some behaviors in Naples don’t represent the ENTIRE south, come on. Unfortunately we are self-influenced by the stereotypes that we believe to be true when however they are not. 1:13 Not only every region but almost every town/city has its own accent and local language. 5:54 I think this is reductive, not exclusively influenced only by these cultures but many others in these millennia which makes ours unique. 6:29 It depends on which area of โ€‹โ€‹Italy not everyone but often we think about the image and therefore we like to appear stylish and we pay attention to the details.

  • @fabrizio.guidi64 says:

    tutti senza patente? ma dove, nel terzo mondo

  • @Alby_Torino says:

    0:42 well the US roads are waaaaaay more dangerous than the Italian ones. I’s not an opinion, it’s a matter of fact. In Italy the number of death related to a car crash is constantly lowering, in the US is the opposite. Also the number per 100k people is higher in the US

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