Do Men Like Successful Women: The Brutally Honest Truth

While women nearly always desire a successful man, the same isn’t true the other way around. If you’re a successful woman who is fed up of dating apps and the growing frustration that nothing is working, you need to read this

For men who’ve stumbled upon this video I’ve got something here for you too:

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Anyway, enjoy and leave me a comment about whether you think men like successful women?

00:00 What do men want in a partner?
01:16 Are you his type?
01:49 Do you 'vibe' together?
02:15 Are there any 'red flags' about you?
03:12 Tip 1: Mindset
03:41 Tip 2: Avoid 'networking' mode
04:43 Tip 3: Don't try to impress him too much

Charlie Page

  • @ProfWho-ut5he says:

    I love successful women. But yes, there must physical and mental attraction too. Otherwise I would look for a business partner 🤷‍♂️

  • @waytoomuch05 says:

    I have been in good relationships with successful women. Based on my experience, this type of relationship really depends on the woman’s side. It’s all about whether the woman is attracted to your character and values. Even though she has more money and a higher salary than me, she still respects me as a man. That is the key.

  • @thisisreallyverysilly says:

    It’s super simple. Men don’t value your success in that way. And the reality is that women don’t want to date “down”. So the more a woman makes the more she wants her guy to make which, by definition, shrinks the dating pool for her. That’s just basic math.

    Plus, tbh, the more successful you are the more expensive you are as a girlfriend because women also want the guy to pay for stuff.

    But women won’t change their requirements so they don’t have options other than men who will sleep with them and move on. That’s the reality of today.

  • @evozero905 says:

    Fit, feminine and friendly. Everything else is going to be specific to an individual. Sorry women your career might be something you take pride in. Most of us men do not value your career because they tend to make women less feminine and because we are still expected to provide and be the primary bread winner we get little or no benefit from it. Just ask yourself who do you know that is in a happy relationship where the women is earning considerably more the man?
    She earns $250k and he earns $80k. How often do you see a similar scenario?

  • @HayleyQuinn says:

    Sure, having a CEO for a wife may not be top of every man’s wish list in a future partner; but equally not every man wants a #TradWife. I challenge you today to think of a successful woman who’s in a happy relationship and write them in the comments?

  • @TomNook. says:

    99% of the time, women date up. So a woman top of her career ladder is going to be extremely picky and look for the absolute kings. And just as likely, those men will not want such a woman.

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