Rachel Wilson vs ………what IS that?!

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TSR Live is a "Red Pill" podcast for men by Donovan Sharpe who offers reaction videos with dating and relationship advice.

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Charlie Page

  • @jaridatkinson4907 says:

    Lmfao ending was funny 😂

  • @lazyd.williams1555 says:

    Commenting to support the channel

  • @MiguelLosRudos20 says:

    I understand that the whatever podcast is incentivizing their audience to want to donate more with no designated segment for superchats, but it just leaves the show with no rhythm and awkwardness when dudes superchat random stuff. Truly a hard watch.

  • @Nostalgic_07 says:

    Whatever is run so inefficiently as compared to FNF…one reason…MYRON

  • @imani_malik_L7777 says:

    Ive tried to watch Whatever but its such a slow burn its like watching all the lord of the rings back to back and not even being a Tolkein fan

  • @GentlemanGarrote says:

    Don you should use the time at Lake Tahoe to run some tests on whether or not women really want to be in the woods with a bear or man. 😂

  • >