Former party girl can’t change her stripes

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TSR Live is a "Red Pill" podcast for men by Donovan Sharpe who offers reaction videos with dating and relationship advice.

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Charlie Page

  • @jamesgreer8938 says:

    Two entrances. I love it!!

  • @2Tall03XX says:

    Makes rules for the beta, but breaks rules for the alpha.

  • @SomeRandomDude2005 says:

    😂 – Sound’s, Like a Human Problem !

  • @thedailyfacts247 says:

    😂😂 love the bloopers

  • @DrB_84 says:

    “Yo dis Tre!” Classic lol

  • @darryld44 says:


  • @don8668 says:

    Absolutely true.

  • @AronHallan says:

    Blue pill beta Don dressed in blue, the commitment to the role lol.

  • @MACSX7 says:

    The dog is like what are y’all talking about 😂

  • @ericaebony6256 says:

    You guys are so adorable. Loved the ending.

  • @edb7742 says:

    Love the out takes! lol

  • @christianramirez5805 says:

    Thanks Don, for saving lives out here for these s1mps!!

  • >