Andrew Wilson vs. Wes Watson & Daisy Chen

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Charlie Page

  • @adonijah2190 says:

    debate andrew, lets fucking go, christ is king 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • @rachelparradelong says:

    Wes just came off crazy , emotional and unstable

  • @the_smoking_patriot3993 says:

    Donavan I respect you, you and Andrew need to have a discussion on this.

  • @fastbackgt4821 says:

    When I was in college, my grandfather told me not to get ‘musclebound’ just in case I go into a fight. He saw and got into those fights during and after WWII. If you don’t stretch and relax the tendons when you build muscle, your reflexes are much slower. YT Jiu-Jit Su vs Bodybuilder.

    • @Spartan69117 says:

      After transitioning from bodybuilding to mma, muscular guys just don’t worry me too much, unless they have decent time in wrestling, bjj, kickboxing etc. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen muscle bound guys get played with against much leaner or smaller guys.

    • @t-lawsfitness6044 says:

      No one cares

    • @fastbackgt4821 says:

      @@Spartan69117 Exactly!

  • @Hoopsguy777 says:

    Religious ppl are not refusing to grow and have material
    THEY are saying intention of life should be virtue n FAMILY

  • @uboat8897 says:

    D I luv ya but wes lost his message once he became tuff guy on stage. He became a bully and looked completely lost man to bad bc he has good ideas and ideology

  • @frankblack1935 says:


    • @getbuckets9116 says:

      donovan tends to have a blind spot for a couple of his red pill guys. i can’t fault him for his loyalty but sometimes it’s just not a good look.

    • @frankblack1935 says:

      @@getbuckets9116 and-if-you-listen—Andrew-said-himself-its-k-to-be-wealthy—-but-dont-want-JUST-material-want-something-meaning-for-the-SOUL—–wes-got-hurt-by-that—-deep-down-Wes-knows-he=has-no-family-and-REAL-friends

    • @TheOGKingLife says:

      Both men have valid points outside the baseless adhoms from Wes and Andrew to each other. Wes wants a man to have the finances to take care of the family, Andrews focus was just on having a family and time to spend with that family. Ofcourse you can have both, it just comes down to getting priorities straight before having that family or spend more time making that money so you can then spend time with the family alittle later

  • @Dorkster81 says:



    • @mazengwe28 says:

      Please don’t. I’d rather the episode the day before. The Stu episode was one of the All-time worst F&F episodes.

  • @jamaal8395 says:

    yoo what was that ending? you good don? you sounded very disappointed to have to end the stream..

  • @RayHanmaForce says:

    Peace and blessings bro 🍺💪🏾🏆

  • @t-lawsfitness6044 says:

    I would fight him, but I’ve fought a few guys like that back in the day. But real talk he’d never speak to me the way he did Andrew anyway 😉

  • @Dimes607 says:

    Wes came off like a fool during this whole thing. His performance can’t be defended with honesty. The other side acted like girls provoking him and they should be called out for that as well. Both sides of this did a terrible job and lets be honest, Wes started it with his behavior. He was the roots of the thing falling apart.

  • @t-lawsfitness6044 says:

    A rare L take by the D man

  • @king23tahj14 says:

    Donavan I’m sure we rather choose the religious guy over Wes 😂😂

  • @eugeneprentice8787 says:

    Wes, is not only being overly emotional. He is also lacking intelligence and tact in his argument. If Wes was being overly emotional with intelligence and tact. He would come across much more effective.

  • @User-34895 says:

    The Bible says God protects his people so when Wes attempted to Sabotage Andrew the plan backfired on him and instead it was Wes who was humiliated, ridiculed, mocked, and embarrassed.

  • @khaalmalki4039 says:

    nah I wouldn’t not want to be Wes if I have to be all of him. Have his wealth ? sure but his mental weakness ? sterioids ? Lashing out at people because they don’t value the same things I do ? No.

  • @steveb3584 says:

    Hey Donovan where you get the glasses?

  • @mazengwe28 says:

    What happened to Donovan’s Rumble page? Is it deleted?

  • >