How To Make Dating Multiple Women Effortless

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As a single guy, you have one of two goals – to date around and play the field or find The One. And the best way to reach either of these goals is by dating multiple girls at the same time. You'll learn how to do this so you reach your relationship goals sooner rather than later.

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Charlie Page

  • @arshgolandaj2634 says:

    They say men should have options… But u say u should not tell abt past girlfriends

  • @DavidZ4-gg3dm says:

    You need to be rich or very handsome to do this.

  • @roshanranjan8701 says:

    It’s not too late to start dating and approaching women at malls at the age of 25 and above isn’t it?

  • @sirblackshield8000 says:

    Whether your good looking or not, money is what you need to have to make this happen

  • @roshanranjan8701 says:

    How can i approach and date girls or the girl i love while also working from mondays to fridays but if im single during this time i also want to approach women at malls and maybe go to the bars on saturdays and so, how do i manage my time during this period?

  • @simplastic says:

    This is exactly what is wrong with this generation. Now advice and tutorials to date multiple women. You fell for the trap as a creator creating content and giving advice to men to have a bad time pair bonding later. Unsubscribed

    • @bankrolljay6907 says:


    • @TrippAdvice says:

      I never said sleep with all these women. But dating a few women at once will not harm anyone.

    • @simplastic says:

      @@TrippAdviceyou have to be kidding. Several studies point out that the more you date, the more delusional your standards get and also explains how hard it gets to pair bond later. For you saying that will not harm anymore, shows how much you don’t actually care about your community. People come here for advice and guidance, which is something you have been doing greatly, but at the same time you are planting seeds of future problem by saying that dating multiple women at the same time is ok. Is not ok, let’s stop normalizing this “alpha” stuff. This is not good advice. How about a channel that says to women “go date multiple man”? It is wrong, on both sides mate.

  • @ItIsMeJamesE says:

    Hook up culture is pathetic let’s not say it’s fine it should be shamed. Also the music once again is super off putting in this video. Volume doesn’t exist I swiped everyone on the dating apps majority are low quality, majority of people i see in person are low quality.

  • @cantorcarmen says:

    Tripp I agree with you especially at this point in my life that I do not have time to date one at a time. My thing with you though is that you are very strong in telling people what they need to do. Remember you are talking to adults and there’s always many perspectives. I personally look at it like hiring an employee to a company. You are going to interview many people before you make a decision who to hire.

    • @TrippAdvice says:

      I hear you. And nobody needs to do it this way. But if you want to save time then I see no other options.

  • @IOSALive says:

    Tripp Advice, I really liked this video! I subscribed too!

  • @davidkniffin7905 says:

    Tripp….this is exactly where I am….(scenario 2), even at the ripened age of 68!. Thank you for expressing what my challenges are….

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