When He’s An EMOTIONALLY Unavailable Man Do THESE 7 Things

When He's An EMOTIONALLY Unavailable Man Do THESE 7 Things…This video will breakdown how to deal with an emotionally unavailable man. Dealing with emotionally unavailable men can bring a lot of frustration, but there may be hope to fix the issue. Take heed to this dating and relationship advice video, and watch all the way to the end.

As a certified life coach, relationship coach, and dating coach, I want to make dating and relationships easier for you. I pray that you find this video helpful and that you can enjoy dating and have a fulfilling, healthy relationship.

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I hope you enjoyed my video: When He's An EMOTIONALLY Unavailable Man Do THESE 7 Things

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Charlie Page

  • @Saylerk9 says:

    Right not a bad person…but a very painful process. Its not worth it in my experience.

  • @lifeofnatasha1605 says:

    Thank you Sir…Lord knows this video came up just in time! God bless you

  • @thehitmaster102 says:

    I’ve already dealt with this and last year was crazy for me with my mental health. So with that being said I have remained single trying to take care of my mental health. One thing I can say from experience is don’t give yourself freely to someone who does not value you or someone who you cannot trust at the first sign of a red flag address it once if they dont change let it go early on don’t stay it will.cause your mental stress and I’m done with dating all these people who want to play games the longer you stay in toxic relationship the harder it is to move on . A year of being single has taught me that it scary in this dating field we have to let Jesus Lead. I just decided to remain single till I got on right medicine and got myself a job. Which I have done so I’m focusing on me but I am not going to just date anyone

    • @MeetStephanSpeaks says:

      Thank you for taking the time out to share your experience with us. I know other people will benefit from this 🙏

    • @debrastewart6275 says:

      👏🏾👏🏾 Amen I totally agree!

    • @thehitmaster102 says:

      @debrastewart6275  yeah trust me dating someone toxic will end you in mental hospital trying to let go of someone you’ve been holding on to someone who is mentally hurting you it’s not worth it or at least not for me cause I have bi polar type 1 and breaking up with my ex caused me to go into mania which is hard for us to break up with someone we want to fix but there is no fixing stupid cause honestly I was stupid to deal with him for 3 years I’m stress free now and doing well

    • @debrastewart6275 says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience Sis! I couldn’t agree more with you, & you’re absolutely right !! I’m done as well with people who want to play games so called Grown Men who are really just boy’s & Toxic at that! I’ve decided to keep my mind stayed on Jesus, I have zero tolerance for foolishness !

    • @thehitmaster102 says:

      @debrastewart6275  I totally agree and it makes it hard when you have a chronic illness cause I had depression for 7 months then went I to mania it was crazy last year I had not been taking care of myself and was putting my ex above everything including my health from stressing over what he wad doing . I had to learn the hard way it’s hard enough to deal with toxic things then you suffer from within. I battle my illness but I got it under control by finding a medicine that works for me .

  • @queencrissy5980 says:

    This helps I was the one understanding and trying to find a resolve. Never attacked him and tried to help him through what I knew the issue was about and it was not so much me per se but it heavily involved his kids and the BM not allowing him to have any access to them. So much so till she tried to put him in jail. He was cool even still but at some point when our very normal relationship issues came up. It was like it amplified what he felt already. And he would lash out at me when he got frustrated. So I would have to try and regulate my emotions in order to get to the root of a problem. Until he no longer wanted to talk and shut completely down. At the end I would get triggered and I had to walk away. But now I actually get it. This hurts and I now i understand. Dealing with a fragile man is difficult, we lasted a year but I was proud of myself for being able to work with him to understand through that time. It just came to be a lot feeling like I had to regulate his emotions and also mine. Which is a very difficult to do.

  • @TheLitera says:

    I love myself too much to involve in something like that. If person doesn’t care about his mental issues, why should I? No no.. come on 😅 relationships like that are for somebody with saviour syndrome

  • @anatapia3640 says:

    Me and my husband are going through a miscarriage and when I received the news I blamed him for not being emotionally there for me. My husband says I have my own issues too but I’m not the best at taking accountability. I’ve been telling my husband that I feel god is silent right now but this video came to me right when I was feeling hopeless. Thank you for making videos, you help me see my wrongs and what I can work on to better help my marriage. Also I’ve been watching your videos for about 2 in a half years and I always recommend you to my single girlies. May god continue to work through you! Just wanted to let you know that you truly are making a difference in at least my life.
    Ps. My husband always say your right!

    • @MeetStephanSpeaks says:

      I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience with us 🙏

  • @lisahurst1940 says:

    Stephan these are great tips and suggestions, BUT… women also need to remember that you are not there to be his counselor, mother therapist or internship so he can get it right with someone else. That is what many women struggle with. Being honest and open about what your needs are and accepting personal responsibility for one’s part in the connection together is what really matters.

    • @MeetStephanSpeaks says:

      Thank you for your feedback on this 🙏

    • @larisagehmie5127 says:

      I agree with everything you said. Women are out here trying to heal, build, support grown men already. I’m afraid that a message like this adds another layer for a woman to do more labor and stay longer in toxic relationship. If a man is emotionally unavailable, he’s just not ready to be in a relationship.

    • @worldadventuretravel says:

      @@MeetStephanSpeaks “When He’s An Emotionally Unavailable Man Walk Away” -There, fixed your title for you.
      *Because this is NOT ‘Build-A-Bro’.* Women are not repair shops for broken toys. End of tweet.

    • @worldadventuretravel says:

      @@larisagehmie5127 ^ Sister… it is even simpler than that. Content creators in this space make their MONEY off of policing women and selling hopes and dreams back to vulnerable sisters by manipulating us to keep upholding the patriarchy. No. The answer is just no. Read the above. ^ And do not forget that by every single statistic, men need women exponentially more than women need men. The game is to make us believe it’s the other way around. No. No, no, no. THIS IS NOT BUILD-A-BRO. If a man’s presence is not adding value, his absence doesn’t make a difference.

  • @jddiesel3447 says:

    There isn’t any complete person, say your prayers, and try your best, this is all a person can ask for.

    • @MeetStephanSpeaks says:

      I respect your views on this one 🙏

    • @luztye says:

      Very well said ❤

    • @TanikaNakeyaLewis says:

      The Concept of Perfection Is Completion: One Red Cent, In Its Absolutism, Is Perfection: You Been Conditioned to Agree With, Either Low or No Self-Worth, Low or No Self-Esteem, or, Continuum of Public Dis-Respect:

      At Some Point, There Is Mental Freedom of Personal Acknowledgement of Personal Hostagement To, In and Of Un-Lawful Enslavement [“the status or condition, of a person, over whom any or all, of the powers attaching to the right of ownership, are exercised: constituting control over a person in such a way as to significantly deprive that person of his or her individual liberty, with the intent of exploitation through the use, management, profit, transfer or disposal of that person. Usually this exercise will be supported by and obtained through means such as violent force, deception and/or coercion”:

      [Exploit] “make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource)” = Infringement/Nosiness, As “Un-Folding” Rose Petals = Objectification = Oppression and De-Pression, So-As to Present Idealism of Siamese/Con-Joined Twins = Absence of Personal Identity, Individuals and Independence = Absence of Self-Objectification, As Beneficiary, and Personal Rights Of/As Expressions and Requirements of “Love Language(s). 😶. Respectively. Tanika Nakeya Lewis, 6127

    • @FrancesHernandez-hf5ys says:

      Very well said! ❤

  • @nancysung8448 says:

    You simply become unavailable to him and love yourself ✨

    • @GorillaGlue.4 says:

      I don’t think he will care because he was not interested in you.

    • @nancysung8448 says:

      @@GorillaGlue.4 exactly… and that’s why you should leave if someone’s ever emotionally unavailable.

    • @lisavice7253 says:

      🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Amen 💕💘💕🥰

    • @JT-th8dh says:

      @@GorillaGlue.4 Exactly!!! that’s how you know you made the right decision to get out early 🥳✨👑

    • @ronnietoni7930 says:

      I tried that, I’ll block him he’ll call me off another number and pretty much lore me back in just to break my heart all over again. He did this 3 times, ever time I was pretty much healing and getting over him BOOM “here I go like mystikal” 😂

  • @JazzyJay263 says:

    Simply don’t! Entertain him..it can save you from a lot of uncertainty, and chaos…I know this all too well!🤔😏😅

  • @InsanitySalemSpiritpreneur says:

    From the title this sounds like fixing and saving a man who does not or is not ready to be in emotional state.

  • @JT-th8dh says:

    I love and agree with just about all of your content 💯✨. But this right here☣️☣️☣️⚠️ emotionally unavailable honeymoon stage 🤯 RUN SIS🏃🏽‍♀️ GET OUT!!!☣️⚠️🚨⚠️🚨⚠️🏃🏽‍♀️☣️☣️☣️🛑

  • @queensland1041 says:

    Emotionally broken men need counseling because I cannot pander to his feeling when he behaves like a little boy. Women are asked to turn all these flips for men who should have learned that wives are not mothers. We are asked to listen to non-communicative men who have arrested development. 24 years and I’m over the mommas boy. Ladies, it’s never too late to search for a man who was raised to be a husband.

    • @taroute2376 says:

      The fact you are missing is that today, most of you are NOT fit to be wives. You fit the role of the Jezebels rather than wives.

    • @Glamrocs says:

      I’m still hopeful because it’s hard dating.

    • @worldadventuretravel says:

      Agreed. “When He’s An Emotionally Unavailable Man Walk Away” -Fixed the title.
      *Because this is NOT ‘Build-A-Bro’.* Women are not repair shops for broken toys. End of tweet.

  • @user-fh1tr9zp3l says:

    Why am i feeling i can sit and listen Stephan for some more hours
    Fixing and mending is super effective when it is adressed at the roots
    Prayers and faith can move mountains
    I keep asking myself why i did not stumble on Steph,s videos years ago
    Anyway its better to be late than never
    Keep shining coach Stephan thank you
    God bless you

    • @taroute2376 says:

      Of course you can, he’s spineless, weak and pandering to what women want to hear (rather than the truth) so he can keep those followers. Women, love liars and spineless men.

  • @mochagoddess7386 says:

    Listening to this I realize that he indeed was NOT a good man. The problem was &STILL IS that I think he was bcz he was better than my previous experiences in many ways. Sad thing is I think I met &missed out on my HUSBAND from staying& trying to do what Stephan is speaking on in this video. DAMN🥺🙏🏽

  • @saradf says:

    I just don’t deal with them! Period. I despise when they are available at first to get you then boom! He magically turns out unavailable.

  • @danacubano6794 says:

    I’m the emotionally unavailable one in the relationship. Stephan knows what’s up cuz all these reasons are why I didn’t communicate. I still struggle with even wanting to be emotionally present in the relationship at all but through therapy has at least let me communicate effectively. Well see how it goes

  • @Mom_Luvs_Tech says:

    Look, I’m my experience….it’s has NEVER paid off to be patient, understanding, kind, communicative, etc. I’ve never seen a man change for anyone besides a doctor or himself.

  • @HeidiH37 says:

    Patience and prayer, and unconditional understanding is the antidote to everything ❤

  • @shiannmuhammad1986 says:

    I agree with those points for the most part, and I watch most of your videos. I’m usually a supportive person, but this is hard, especially if you’ve dealt with someone who is not only emotionally unavailable but whom you’ve also supported in every way through your own pain. When you need him the most, it’s particularly challenging while also healing from the pain of a past relationship with a narcissist.

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