How To Seduce An Older Woman (All you need to KNOW)


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Charlie Page

  • @achach73 says:

    The best

  • @jimitwagh841 says:

    4 big reasons to watch the video

    • @jefferyjeffery1707 says:

      Huh…?? What were saying JimiWagh ?? Huh…??

      Oh…sorry!! I wasn’t listening…I was too busy fixated…staring at the video screen! Sorry…!!!

      Do you think they are actually aware…of how and what you wear…can loose their viewers attention to your message!!

      No wonder women complain that men just don’t listen to them!! Yeah…I can see the problem!! 😅😂

    • @Cloxxki says:

      Which two would you introduce to your parents?

    • @krishnair4642 says:


    • @jefferyjeffery1707 says:

      @krishnair4642  Yeah…..I can see this video, drastically increasing viewership. But I’m not sure…worried that the message might get lost in the distractions. And could merely be considered…Click-Bait. But…yeah, viewership should definitely rise!

    • @TheSongofSaya says:

      To be real though, videos like this where they really share the truth about what women find attractive deserve to be watched more than the bro science of red pill and black pill. Lots of men still think looks and money are the top 2 things that women find attractive, completely ignoring psychology.

  • @robertvondarth1730 says:

    When you think about it, it’s easy to imagine that there are many women who would like to feel safe experimenting with things that she’s only imagined, but never dare to try yeah?

  • @VideoGameRoom32 says:

    Great Video. It’s good to get another woman’s perspective in dating.

  • @AlexanderLodge1 says:

    I’m going out with a young lady tonight. Want to really impress her on so many levels. It’s important to be a man in control of his life and character. I always try to go out and impress for all the ladies. Thankyou Kezia your videos are very inspirational and I can tell you want the perfect man to give them the bad boy vibe when he needs to, also it’s extremely important to put rules in place in a relationship. I love in Bridgwater and tonight will be about me putting those things in place. I’m at the moment talking to two women and feel that the conversation is going well. I’m working on ice breakers and chat up lines. Eye contact with women is key when to use it and when to look away. Women love a man wirh mystery and think have that for sure

  • @MisterSkitso says:

    4 big good reasons to learn this stuff

  • @TheSongofSaya says:

    Kezia. Do you have infield videos or at least roleplays of your clients? I remember having your deep connection and the 10 hook lead system videos and there were talking clients in your deep connection video, and then your dating coaches Mark J and Ali Natural in the 10 hook lead system.

    • @shanenolan5625 says:

      If memory serves about a mouth ago she showed people at an event. Doing role plays.

      And then breaking down. In a group setting.

  • @ralphfurley4217 says:

    The only way I’ll learn anything from this video is through an audio only podcast.

  • @Rascal-of-War says:

    I dont stand a chance. I’m a middle aged man at heart

  • @Prasadbendre says:

    Hey, Kezia make a video on how to approach for casual hooks ups?

  • @shanenolan5625 says:

    Cheers ladies

  • @shanenolan5625 says:

    Carrie look to the camera in amusement. ( service them) 😂

  • @MailmanNick says:

    Maturity and communication is really attractive to me now that im almost 30

  • @supertoyota5 says:

    Thanks kezia

  • @armandodelacruz3299 says:

    In my case, I never had to do anything to attract older women, they approached me most of the time since I was in my 20s. Now, I’m 49, I’m not approached anymore. Lol 😊

    • @nobodysperfect06 says:

      Shocking since 99% of women since the dawn of time will never approach a man no matter how badly they like him

  • @humanseekingtruth6080 says:

    Me: _imagining_ “Personal Attraction Lessons with Kezia & Karry” 😏
    Kezia: _snaps fingers_ “Pay attention to the dating advice in this video”
    Me: *“Oh I am”*

  • @Sp1n3c says:

    Great stuff. I’ve always been attracted to older women, because the young ones are empty and have no game despite of how they look

  • @spyblue3 says:

    Fantastic video, Kezia! Very good points made here, although I’ll have to watch this several times because mostly I was focusing on the two very fit birds, neither of whom look any older than 35, talking about naughtiness!

  • @INDSTRCTBLE says:

    That Blonde is gorgeous!

  • @smiles7631 says:

    As an older guy, I appreciate the talk about the differences women see in older and younger men. The older I’ve become, the more I realized how important it is to connect with women emotionally. Being able to get a woman to feel something for you is something I never learned as a young man. If a woman can tie an emotion to you, you are doing it right. At least that is how I’m percieving it. It is very difficult for me to do this because I’m a very hands on logical person. I’m a mechanic/maintenance person. I can be very good in bed because I’m good with my hands. I’m can be very passionate too. It’s the talking part that fails me everytime. What to say to make a women feel something does not come naturally to me. Recently, I am trying to relate with experiences and just being myself. I try to make my stories vivid so it feels like your there with. Thank you for the video, those outfits are very distracting 😉

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